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Spring Cleaning Fundraiser

Welcome to Congregation Beth Emeth's Spring Cleaning Fundraiser


Everyone has items they wish to donate; now you’ll have the opportunity to turn these items into a cash (deductible) donation to help with Beth Emeth fundraising for this year.

The Fundraising Committee is partnering with to host an online auction for unwanted items you wish to donate. 

Here is How it Works:

  • Your items will generate sales in the online auction. Each item starts at $1 and there is no minimum reserve bid; we expect our auction to have at least 360 items available for bidding.
  • Participants' total proceeds up to $180 will be donated to Beth Emeth fundraising. 
  • Participants with items that generate in excess of $180 in online auction sales have the option to split additional sales proceeds, donating some to Beth Emeth and directing the rest back to you (win-win).
  • Options for split sales are 54% of sales to Beth Emeth, or 72% to Beth Emeth (this is not in excess of $180 but inclusive of this amount).
  • Participants may cap their total donation at $720 (or higher based upon the participant) with any additional sales proceeds going back to the participant.

Key Dates:

  • January 15-March 6 – Upload photos of items
  • March 8-18 – Live Online Auction
  • March 22 – Item Drop-off (location based upon the volume and size of items donated)

Examples of Items to Donate:

  • Jewelry (both costume and fine jewelry)
  • Guns / Hunting / Fishing Gear
  • Golf Clubs (sets), Sports Equipment
  • Tools
  • Small Working Appliances
  • Military Items
  • Old Photography Equipment (35mm cameras / lenses)
  • Record Albums
  • Sports Memorabilia
  • Vintage Toys / Collectibles
  • Coins / Sterling Silver Flatware
  • Cars / Motorcycles / Boats

Three Quick Examples:

Donation of two men's watches, a fur coat, cowboy boots, a set of steak knives, and a pinky ring yields $240 from the auction;$180 (the minimum) goes to Beth Emethfundraising and $60 to the participant

Donation of a twelve place setting of china, 6 Beatles Records, hockey goalie pads, a sofa, 3 mens suits, a baccarat crystal vase, a set of golf clubs, and a Mont Blanc pen yields $400 from the auction; donor chose to donate at 72%, so $288 is contributed to the Beth Emeth fundraiser and $112 to the donor

Donation of a used car, three paintings, a civil war rifle, a portable stove, gardening tools, chain saw, miter saw, military uniform, wedding dress, vintage toys, six cameras and a tripod; $2,300 is received from the auction; donor chose to donate $1,072 to Beth Emeth (option to cap at $720).

How to Participate:

1. Register to participate using the form below, and you will then receive a link to take pictures and upload them with brief descriptions directly into the auction site. 

2. Set your split and cap if applicable.

3. Drop off your items to be picked up –location will be determined based upon volume & size of items.


There is no cost to participate, but you must be registered so your items will be part of the Beth Emeth fundraiser!
Just fill in the form below, and you will be contacted by the Fundraising Chair, David Hillelsohn, to confirm your participation and set any splits/caps for your donation.
Questions? Contact David.


Tue, September 29 2020 11 Tishrei 5781