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Onegs and Kiddushes

Festive Oneg in CBE LobbyIt is customary to end Shabbat morning and holiday services by joining together as a community to bless the wine (make Kiddush) and the bread (make hamotzi), and to enjoy good food and company. This is referred to as the Kiddush. Similarly, at the conclusion of Friday evening services we gather for an Oneg Shabbat, where we bless the wine & bread and share light refreshments.

Helping support these weekly community events is a wonderful way to celebrate a simcha or to mark a special moment in one’s life, to honor someone or to commemorate a Yahrzeit. Your suggested minimum contribution of $54 for each simcha will be acknowledged on the lobby monitor and in the Shabbat pamphlet and Shofar newsletter, and helps the community know you and to share important moments in your life. It is also a way to say thank you to your community.

You can make contributions to supplement the cost of weekly Onegs & Kiddushes very easily.  There is an “Annual Plan” to honor your simcha(s) each year, and a one-time option.

To celebrate your simcha, you can donate online; use the dedication section to tell us:  (1) what the simcha is (e.g. "Rachel's birthday" or "our wedding anniversary", etc.), (2) the month of the occasion, and (3) whether you want to make this a one-time contribution, or for members only, if you would like us to acknowledge this simcha each year and add it to your account in the appropriate month.

If you prefer, you can download the form and return it with your check. 

For additional information about donations, or if you would prefer to mark your simcha by sponsoring an entire Oneg or Kiddush, please email

Sat, April 17 2021 5 Iyyar 5781