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Onegs and Kiddushes

Festive Oneg in CBE LobbyQuicklink: Donate to honor your simcha(s) now

It is customary to end Shabbat morning and holiday services by joining together as a community to bless the wine (make Kiddush) and the bread (make hamotzi), and to enjoy good food and company. This is referred to as the Kiddush. Similarly, at the conclusion of Friday evening services we gather for an Oneg Shabbat, where we bless the wine & bread and share light refreshments.

Helping support these weekly community events is a wonderful way to celebrate a simcha or to mark a special moment in one’s life, or to honor someone. As we return to in-person services in the late summer & fall of 2021, we will use funds donated in the interim to assist in providing enhanced food service after services.

Your suggested minimum contribution of $54 for each simcha will be acknowledged in the lobby, on the website and in the Shofar newsletter, and helps the community know you and to share important moments in your life. It is also a way to say thank you to your community.

Members can choose to honor your simcha(s) each year and have your donation added to your account automatically ("annual plan"), or just one time.

If you prefer not to use the online form below, you can download the form and return it with your check. 

PLEASE NOTE: In July 2021, we are asking all members who previously chose the "Annual Plan" to renew your simcha donations. There is an option to do so on the Membership Renewal Form or you can use the form below.

For additional information about donations, or if you would prefer to mark your simcha by sponsoring an entire Oneg or Kiddush, please email

Oneg/Kiddush Simcha Donation Form

CBE Members, please use the "MyCBE" link at the top right of your screen to log in before completing this form. Refer to the Member Access Page if you do not know how to log in. To see your previous donations, after you log in, you can view your Transaction History.

Non-CBE-members can submit as a guest.

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Renew Previous Annual Simcha Donations

(Please check only if you did not indicate to renew on your Beth Emeth membership renewal form)
NOTE: if you do not renew either here or on the membership renewal form, any previous annual donations for your simchas will not continue.

Enter New or Additional Simcha Donations

Please click on the "plus" sign to enter information for each simcha
(e.g. Simcha Cohen's birthday, Judy and David's wedding anniversary, etc. If not in your immediate family, please include last names.)
(Suggested minimum contribution of $54 for each simcha)

(If you checked to renew previous annual donations, these will not be shown here but will be billed to your account.)


Sat, October 23 2021 17 Cheshvan 5782