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Why Endowment?

Excerpt from Shofar article, June 2017
Melissa Landau, CBE Endowment Chair 2016-17

When I ask my children how they will raise their children, they each respond with one shared thought: “My children will attend a Jewish preschool.” 

They insist that Jewish preschools have the best teachers, offer a higher-quality curriculum, and encourage kindness and exceptional ethics in growing minds. They all insist that Jewish education will be a principal part of their own children’s upbringing, beginning with preschool. That’s not to say that Beth Emeth has the market cornered on ethics or morality, nor do I believe that the Jewish preschool experience in general is superior to all others. But there are some truths to be found in my adult children’s views.

The BEECC experience and the continued connection to friends grounded my children to Beth Emeth. Our eldest daughter was recently married, and her dearest BEECC playmate stood by her beneath the wedding canopy. Our son’s best friend is a fellow BEECCer, and our youngest has yet to do Birthright because she insists on coordinating her trip with her best BEECC buddy. The friends with histories beginning with BEECC are like family members to us.

Friendships like these anchor our children and create a strong comfort zone at our synagogue. This feeling of comfort and belonging extends to any synagogue they visit and is unaffected by time or distance. When we travel internationally with or without our kids we make a concerted effort to visit a local synagogue. It’s an incredible experience to walk into a congregation on the other side of the world and experience an immediate feeling of belonging.

And for our family, it all started with BEECC. Do we have terrific teachers? Yes. Do we as Jews teach great morals through our stories and lessons? Yes. But most importantly, BEECC and our Religious School program create a place where friendships are made and solidified. The kids may complain while there about inconvenience and after school work, but when they look back, they remember warm hugs and lessons that are ingrained in their beings.

This is reason number one of many why CBE will receive a bequest when my will is read. It is also the reason my husband and I contribute to our congregation’s Endowment Fund. Perpetuating the environment we have at Beth Emeth for new and future families is important to me, my husband, and to our children.

Excerpt from Shofar article, March 2015
David Hillelsohn, CBE Endowment Chair 2014-16

“A baby enters the world with hands clenched, as if to say, ‘The world is mine; I shall take it.’ A person leaves with hands open, as if to say, ‘I can take nothing with me.’” —Ecclesiastes Rabbah

Creating your Jewish legacy ensures that you will be remembered and that your passion and your values will continue when you are no longer here. It also serves as an example to your loved ones that you believe it is important to support the Jewish community. The act of creating a legacy empowers you to complete the work of your heart. By leaving a legacy, you can help to ensure that the traditions and culture at Congregation Beth Emeth remain vibrant for future generations.

Why Now?

There is a sense of urgency now to endow the future. If our shul had a large endowment, in times of economic uncertainty, we would have a safety net for our future. It is important that we commit funds now to benefit our children and grandchildren and to ensure that the strong foundation of Jewish services survives to support generations to come.

The legacy you create through a gift to Endowment can reflect everything that is most important and meaningful to you. The legacy planning process can be a catalyst for heartfelt conversations with your family and build bonds with others in the community.

Jewish tradition teaches us that it is our responsibility to make the world a better place for future generations. Chances are you have spent a lifetime helping people. A legacy gift is a great way to perpetuate your support for the work of the organizations that was important to you during your lifetime. 

Creating your own Jewish legacy ensures that you will be remembered and that your work and your values will continue when you are no longer here. It also serves as an example of ongoing kindness to your loved ones. It teaches them the value you’ve placed on supporting the Jewish community.

“It is our hope that our synagogue and community organizations continue to grow and prosper serving the needs of other families like ours. Through our endowment gift we feel we are doing our part
in continuing this legacy for our children and grandchildren.”

Impact on Congregation Beth Emeth

You have the opportunity to determine that your favorite program, facility or community service will exist for generations to come. Long after your lifetime, families in our community will benefit from your generosity. Your gifts today and your endowment gifts for the future can underwrite vital programs for the CBE, Israel and around the world.

How you Can Help

Do you have any questions about the Endowment Funds currently available? Want to get involved in the investment dialogue or consider contributing to the Endowment via donation or bequest? Contact or our Vice President for Finance/Treasurer.

Thank you for helping to ensure that Congregation Beth Emeth is "Here Today, Here Tomorrow!"

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