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When Family is Ill

Misheberach Prayers

During every Shabbat morning service at Congregation Beth Emeth, as part of the Torah service, we pause and read the Misheberach prayer for the healing of those who are ill. As part of that reading, we say the names of our friends and relatives who need healing aloud. Some of these names are read from a list the office compiles from congregants' requests. Others are added on the spot by participants in the service either in person or on Zoom.

While placing a name on the Misheberach list is praiseworthy, people sometimes forget to remove it after someone recovers. This causes the list to grow longer than it needs to be. Most congregations, ours included, eventually face the need to manage the list actively. That is why our Ritual Committee is introducing a new process with two parts. The first part is that every ninety days, each congregant who has put a name on the list will be contacted by someone from the Ritual Committee to find out how their friend or relative is doing. As we keep in touch with people who may need help dealing with illness, we also look forward to hearing that someone has recovered and their name may be removed from the list.

The second part is that the office has set up a new email address:

Anyone can send an email to this new address. If you want to add a name to the list or remove one, email the word in Hebrew and English, plus your name and phone number. Someone from the Ritual Committee will call you to review and complete your request. As always, you can also telephone the office with your request at 703-860-4515 ext 101.

Rabbi's Visits to Those Who Are Ill

If you or a loved one would like a visit from the Rabbi, please email Rabbi Warner at or call the office at 703-860-4515 ext 101 (main reception).

Tue, June 18 2024 12 Sivan 5784