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While the building is closed, all services will be held online.

We have consolidated all updates related to COVID-19, including Shabbat and minyan links and downloads, on a special COVID-19 page

General information about CBE's worship services are shown on this page. More details about this month's services, including holidays, monthly family service, children's services and special services, can be found or the calendar or in the Shofar.  Also, the weekly schedule is e-mailed on Thursday to the Beth Emeth members and prospective members.

The Regular (Non-Holiday) Schedule:

  • Friday, 6:15 PM: Shabbat Evening Service (generally the first Friday eve of the month is a family-friendly service.)
  • Saturday, 9:00AM: Shabbat Morning Services
  • Saturday afternoon (time varies): Mincha-Ma'ariv, for special occasions
  • Sunday, 9:00AM: Morning Minyan
  • Wednesday, 8:00PM: Evening Minyan — call the office 703-860-4515 ext 101 to confirm; on rare occasions this minyan is replaced by one at a member's home during shiva.

Children and Services:

See the Tot Shabbat page for monthly children's services. We also have children's books in the sanctuary to keep the young ones engaged. Friday evening services are always especially family-friendly.

Learn About Participating in Services

  • Learn to lead or participate in services using our audio files.
  • Learn to leyn (chant Torah) – check the Adult Education schedule or call the office to locate a tutor.  If you already know how to leyn, contact Susan D. to get signed up.
  • Learn to be a gabbai or to chant Haftarah – contact David Cerny.

August Yahrzeits at Beth Emeth

Week of August 7-13
   Frances Berger, Mother of Michael Berger
   Gertrude Serepca, Grandmother of Melvin Pollack
   Joseph Reingold, Father of Ian Reingold
   Zeleg Berez, Father of Rhoda Abzug
   Elizabeth Schloss, Mother of Deborah Colby
   Hy Cohen, Father of Jodi Fink
   Lily Leopold, Mother of Estelle Guttman
   Lloyd Noth, Father of Richard Noth
   Saul Dorfman, Father of Gerald Dorfman
   Stephen Mihal, Father of Jim Mihal
* Abraham Barbash, Father of Susan Barbash
* Maxine Doris Hill, Mother of Fran Besalel
   Earl Lapp, Step-father of Kenneth Gordon
   Sophie Noth, Mother of Richard Noth
   Loretta Gross, Mother-in-law of Shirley Gross
 *Norma Eisinger, Mother of Howard Eisinger
   Sidney Brandolph, Father of David Brandolph
* Mildred Birnbaum
* Jacob Marder

Week of August 14-20
* Janice Feld Hiller, Mother of Jody Winter
   Emma Unguryan, Sister of Semyon Kurtsman
   Moisey Vinarsky, Brother of Sonya Kirzhner
* Rachel Baranek, Grandmother of David Hillelsohn
* Rhoda Richards, Mother of Joel Richards
   Stephen David Tritter, Father of Donna Biderman
   Ida Pollack, Mother of Melvin Pollack
* Jason Goldsmith, Father of Jeff Goldsmith
   Kelly Lin Winston, Sister of Josh Winston
* Sylvia Brody, Mother of Larry Brody
   Henry Krome, Father of Marjorie Weisskohl
   Philip Reed, Father of Philip Reed
   Harriet Abzug, Mother of Jesse Abzug
   Ruth Nebelkopf, Mother of Anita Cohen
* Augusta Spigelman, Grandmother of Robyn Feuerberg 
* Abraham Simon Weisskohl, Father of Jerry Weisskohl
* Anne Heifetz, Mother of Andrew Heifetz
* Felicia Glattstein, Aunt of Felice Schulz and Haley Morse
* Georg Glattstein, Uncle of Felice Schulz and Haley Morse
   Howard Winn, Step-father of Jonathan Gorbach
   Naftali Kirzhner, Father of Aleksey Kirzhner
   Rabbi Saul Hyman, Father of Judith Sandler
* Samuel Lebowich
* Harvey Braaf

Week of August 21-27
   Idelle Weiner, Aunt of Lois Butowsky
   Jeanette Waxman, Mother of Phyllis Waxman
   Minna Rathspecher, Great Grandmother of Jim Sloan
   Milton Malyn, Father of Neil Malyn
   Philip Aarons, Father of Michael Aarons
* Aaron Altsman, Father of Sharon Kekoler
   George Rabinek, Father of David Rabinek
   Augusta Rosenthal, Mother of Richard Rosenthal
   Simon Broder, Grandfather of Joanne Levine
* Allan W. Lerner, Father of Ben Lerner
* Ann Silverman, Mother of Ellen Greene
* Milton Leavitt, Father of Mike Leavitt 
   Stan Paroly, Father of Lauren Moses
* Stuart Schornstein, Father of Heidi Schandler
   Tellie Solomon, Grandmother of Jim Sloan
* Edward Weinstein, Father of Eric Weinstein
   Gerald Fleeter, Father of Tom Fleeter
   Isaac Konopko, Grandfather of Evelyn Hickman
   Julius Polansky, Grandfather of James Norman
* Lenny Eidelberg

Week of August 28-September 3
* Aleksandra Liberman, Mother of Michael Liberman
   David Cohen, Father of Roz Cohen
   Florian Bertram Warschauer, Grandfather of Josh Winston
   Ruth Dingenthal, Aunt of Richard Bergman
* Claire Dubinsky, Mother of Diane Novick
* Martha Rothenberg, Mother of Jane Torman
   Muriel Gold, Mother of Robert Gold
   Isadore Grylack, father of Lawrence Grylack
   Melvin Sisskind, Grandfather of Joshua Sisskind
* Sam Garfinkel, Grandfather of Suzanne Goldlust
* Andrea Glazer, Wife of Rabbi Steven Glazer
   Jacob Sosne, Father of Ken Sosne
   Joel Avigan, Father of Ruth Mann
   Arthur Schwartzman, Father of Jeffrey Schwartzman
* Caroline Rafii, Daughter of Polly Rafii
* Mamie Reinfeld
* Olga Gokun
* Burton Spingarn

August Oneg/Kiddush Contributions

We thank the following families for making contributions to supplement weekly ONEGS AND KIDDUSHES and to mark the designated lifecycle event(s):

Rhoda & Jesse Abzug in honor of their wedding anniversary
The Alergant family in honor of Leah’s birthday
Judy & Steve Berman in honor of their wedding anniversary
The Brody family in honor of Allison’s birthday
The Brody family in honor of Melissa’s birthday
The Brody family in honor of Eric’s birthday
The Brody family in honor of Scott’s birthday
Joan & Joseph DeSantis in honor of their wedding anniversary
The Feil family in honor of Julie’s birthday
The Goldblatt family in honor of Patricia’s birthday
Amanda & Cade Goldenberg in honor of their wedding anniversary
The Goldman family in honor of Alina’s birthday
The Lisa & Steven Gordon family in honor of Brooke’s birthday
The Greene family in honor of Ellen’s birthday
Melissa & Andrew Heifetz in honor of their wedding anniversary
The Cheryl Horowitz family in honor of Stacy’s birthday
Debbie & Perry Immerman in honor of their wedding anniversary
The Klaff family in honor of Madeline’s birthday
The Konopaske family in honor of Sydney’s birthday
Lori & Jonathan Kraden in honor of their wedding anniversary
The Kraden family in honor of Lori’s birthday
The Lesch family in honor of Patrick’s birthday
Joanne & Paul Levine in honor of their wedding anniversary
The May family in honor of Allison’s birthday
The Mitrani family in honor of Sandy’s birthday
The Moldover family in honor of Denise’s birthday
The Lori & Ken Moskowitz family in honor of Bailey’s birthday
The Lori & Ken Moskowitz family in honor of Ken’s birthday
The Nash family in honor of Lisa’s birthday
The Nash family in honor of Kylie’s birthday
Lisa & Jonathan Nash in honor of their wedding anniversary
Donna & Cary Paley in honor of their wedding anniversary
The Paley family in honor of Rachael’s birthday
Laurie & Paul P. in honor of their wedding anniversary
The P. family in honor of Paul’s birthday
Janet & David Polak in honor of their wedding anniversary
The Richards family in honor of Seth’s birthday
The Sakowitz family in honor of Michael’s birthday
The Sheifer family in honor of Daniel’s birthday
The Shor family in honor of Ruth Burack’s birthday
Gail & Bob Shor in honor of their wedding anniversary
The Shraga family in honor of Paul’s birthday
The Shraga family in honor of Nanette’s birthday
Paula & Steve Slavsky in honor of their wedding anniversary
The Jodi & Greg Smith family in honor of Taylor’s birthday
The Ticatch family in honor of Joel’s birthday
The Urban family in honor of Robin’s birthday
The Wallace family in honor of Tina’s birthday
The Wurman family in honor of Devin’s birthday

If you have a lifecycle event that you would like to acknowledge, please contact the Main Office at 703-860-4515 Ext. 101 or

Local Daily Minyanim

To make a Minyan during the week for those saying Kaddish or observing a yahrzeit, the support of the Northern Virginia Jewish Community is greatly needed, (particularly during the winter months). The following northern Virginia congregations have daily minyanim (be sure to contact them to confirm the schedule):

  • Congregation Etz Chaim, 2920 Arlington Boulevard, Arlington, (703) 979-4466, 7:30AM Thursday Morning Minyan (9:30 if Federal holiday).
  • Agudas Achim, 2908 Valley Drive, Alexandria, (703) 998-6460, 7:30AM Daily Morning Minyan M-F, 9 AM on Sunday and Federal Holidays and 7:50 PM Evening Minyan Sun-Thurs.
  • Congregation Olam Tikvah, 3800 Glenbrook Road, Fairfax, (703) 425-1880, Daily Evening Minyan 8:00PM Mon-Thurs (may vary on holidays) and Wednesday morning minyan 8:00AM (7:45AM on Rosh Chodesh Wednesdays). 
  • Gesher Jewish Day School, 4800 Mattie Moore Court, Fairfax, VA 22030 -- If you are looking for a morning minyan in Fairfax, the Gesher Jewish Day School welcomes the public to daily minyanim when school is in session; times vary so please call (703) 978-9789 to make arrangements.

Additional Minyan times for several Maryland & DC area congregations are available from the Main Office upon request.


Our office staff can help.


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