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General information about CBE's worship services are shown on this page. More details about this month's services, including holidays, monthly family service, children's services and special services, can be found or the calendar or in the Shofar.  Also, the weekly schedule is e-mailed on Thursday to the Beth Emeth members and prospective members.

The Regular (Non-Holiday) Schedule:

  • Friday, 6:30 PM: Shabbat Evening Service
  • Saturday, 9:00AM: Shabbat Morning Services
  • Sunday, 9:00AM: Morning Minyan
  • Wednesday, 8:00PM: Evening Minyan

Worship services

Currently, all Beth Emeth worship services are conducted in person, and are also accessible at (In case this link doesn't redirect you to our services due to technical issues, go to and use Passcode 156182.  

Visitors to our services are always welcome! It is not necessary to let us know in advance, but if you want us to know you're coming or have questions, email

COVID19 Policy

Vaccinations: Congregation Beth Emeth requires that all medically eligible persons be fully vaccinated to enter our facilities or participate in CBE-hosted, in-person events. If you haven't already, we ask that you please upload an image of your vaccination card, or have proof of vaccination with you. (Uploaded images will stay in a private and secure area within ShulCloud; you are invited to resubmit following boosters.) Beth Emeth reserves the right to verify vaccination status.

Masks are optional with the following exceptions: Masks are required (1) at events where size/circumstances require masks,  and (2) in offices at discretion of staff. When required, those under age 2 or unable to remove own mask are exempt.

Shabbat Services

Friday Kabbalat Shabbat Service - February 10
  • Candlelighting Time: 5:25 PM
  • 6:30 PM, Sisterhood Shabbat (In person & Zoom).  We hope the congregation, in addition to Sisterhood members, with join us in celebrating Sisterhood Shabbat. Sisterhood members will take the lead on prayers, songs & readings, and we'll learn more about all the wonderful ways that Sisterhood contributes to our community, while having a great time! The theme is Wrapped up in Sisterhood, so consider wearing a scarf that evening!
  • Siddur: Most Friday nights we use the Lev Shalem Siddur (email if you are interested in purchasing one at our discounted rate). For some musical and special family services, we use our Kabbalat Shabbat Booklet.
Saturday Shabbat Morning Service - February 11
  • 9:00 AM, Shabbat Service (in person and Zoom).
  • Torah Service info:
    • Torah Reading: Yitro, Exodus 18:1-20:23 (Etz Hayim p. 432)
    • Haftarah: Isaiah 6:1-7:6; 9:5-6 (Etz Hayim p. 452)
    • Torah & Haftarah readings online (triennial year 1)
    • Torah Sparks (coming soon for Yitro): Commentary on this week's Torah portion. You can subscribe to the weekly Torah Sparks email - free version is at the bottom.
  • Siddur: We use the Lev Shalem Siddur (email if you are interested in purchasing one at our discounted rate).

Regular Weekday Minyanim

Sunday Morning Minyan, February 12
  • Special Minyan at 10:00 AM! (in person and on Zoom)
    This week, minyan will be held in conjunction with the World Wide Wrap, where learning to wrap tefillin starts at 9:00 AM (all ages are welcome to join the 6th & 7th grades to learn how!), and at 11:00 AM after minyan, all are invited to brunch in honor of the occasion. (More info & RSVP for brunch on the event page.) 
Wednesday Evening Minyan - February 15
  • 8:00 PM every Wednesday (Now regularly in person and on Zoom!)
  • Please help make a minyan for members of our community who are saying Kaddish. 

Shiva Minyan

During this time we will be holding shiva minyanim in person, or in person and online. Any Zoom links will vary and will be shared via email. You can view and download the prayerbook, A Minyan of Comfort online in order to participate fully from home when that option is available.


Children and Services:

  • Our monthly Music to Our Ears Intergenerational Shabbat is designed to be enjoyable and meaningful to all ages, including children. This service is generally the first Friday night of each month, but be sure to check the calendar in case of a change.
  • Tot Shabbat & Children’s Services are Coming Back! After a hiatus during the pandemic, we are organizing a regular Tot Shabbat program as well as a Children’s Service for elementary-aged children. If you are interested, and especially if you are interested in helping organize these events, please
    contact Rabbi Warner, at or (703) 860-4515 ext 104. 
  • Children are of course welcome to come to any services!

Learn About Participating in Services

  • Learn to lead or participate in services using our audio files.
  • Learn to leyn (chant Torah) – check the Adult Education schedule or call the office to locate a tutor.  If you already know how to leyn, contact the Ritual-Shabbat co-directors to get signed up.
  • Learn to be a gabbai or to chant Haftarah – contact David Cerny.

February Yahrzeits at Beth Emeth

Week of February 3-9
   Morris Elkes, Grandfather of Carol Silberstein
   Barbara Goldstein, Mother of Jamie Paul
   Sara Hirsch, Mother of Bill Hirsch
   Marvin Sandler, Father of Robert Sandler
 *Ira Gershner, Father of Jan Woodhead
   Abraham Glass, Grandfather of Andrew Loggia
   Maurice Goldberg, Step-father of Carl Feigenbaum
 *Edith Gordon Lindsey, Mother of Janet Lindsey Klayton
   Kreina Galperin, Mother of Mark Galperin
   Esther Swig, Grandmother of Claire Fine
   Carol Bluth, Mother of Alison Mitchell
   Frederick Koblenz, Father of Sheri Levitan
 *Betty Nan Obermayer, Mother of Helen Levy-Myers
   Martha Florence Smith, Mother of Gary Smith
 *Paul Lazar, Uncle of Ellyn Hirsch
   Pesia Lev, Great aunt of Alina Kirshon-Goldman
   Joseph Rosenthal, Grandfather of Joanne Levine
   Edwin Schoen, Father of Elise Berger
 *Myrna Schulman, Mother of Aaron Schulman
   Harry Simkowitz, Father of Josh Simkol
   Bess Dubron, Grandmother of Allison Deur

Week of February 10-16
   Gershon Cohen, Father-in-Law of Anita Cohen and Grandfather of Cheryl Mihal
   Steve Kaplan, Brother of Larry Kaplan
   Mair Tanezer, Father of Lilia Abdoullina
   John Booth, Father of Susan Golkow
   Stanley Modjoros, Grandfather of MeLanie Modjoros
   Selma Fine, Mother-in-law of Claire Fine
   Benjamin Malamud, Husband of Bernice Malamud
   Arnold Kaplan, Father of Larry Kaplan
 *Audrey Silverman, Aunt of Jeffrey Skigen
 *Margaret Weisz, Grandmother of Shari Hirsch
   Bernard Epstein, Grandfather of Eric Epstein
   Anna Ferratier, Grandmother of Rabbi Warner Ferratier
 *D. Annie Reel
 *Ruth Kaplan

Week of February 17-23
   Florence Holzer, Mother of Thomas Holzer
   Peter Neilsen, Grandfather of Eric Epstein
   Stanley Pines, Father of Jan Pohl
 *Barry David Rubel, Brother of Miriam Goldin
   Louis Kramer, Father of Elaine Ticatch
   Etia Litrovnik, Great-Grandmother of Alina Kirshon-Goldman
 *Norman H. Cohen, Father of Glenda McConn
   Howard Temin, Uncle of Aaron Temin
   Bernice Joy Ward, Mother of Sarita Kaplan
 *Gertrude Bergman, Mother of Richard Bergman
 *Harriet DiGirolamo, Mother of Gail Greenberg
   Rachel Sternik, Mother of Semyon Kurtsman
 *Robert Dubinsky, Father of Diane Novick
 *Don Edgell, husband of Danielle Edgell
   Alfred Gross, Father-in-Law of Shirley Gross
 *Daniel Paul, Father of Martin Paul
   Sharon Wenokur, Mother of Jennifer DeAngelis
   Bernard Finkel, Great Uncle of Jason Appelbaum
 *Marshall Novick, Father of Mark Novick
 *Richard Cowan, Father of Ellyn Greenspan
 *Marian May
 *Stuart J. Weiser
 *Anna Perl

Week of February 24-March 2
 *Esther Mandel, Mother of Mark Mandel
   Patricia Mitchell Twilde, Mother of Karin Twilde-Sheifer
   Abraham Wieder, Father of Robert Wieder
   Ada Miriam Epstein, Grandmother of Eric Epstein
 *Steve Fine, Husband of Claire Fine
   Sholom Hendin, Father of Linda Harber
   Louis Rosenthal, Father of Richard Rosenthal
   Lloyd Weisman, Father of Richard Weisman
   Clara Benjamin, Mother of Ted Benjamin
 *Leonard Yass, Father of Jay Yass
   Carol Cohen, Mother of Robert Cohen
   Ezra Hershkovitz, Father of Claire Fine
 *Kurt Hillelsohn, Grandfather of David Hillelsohn
   Theodore Rodill, Father of Tobias Rodill
   Frank Uman, Father of Lawrence Uman
   Lee Wallace, Father of Steven Wallace
   Sharon Cohen Butler, Sister of David Cohen
 *Mel Chamowitz, Father of Lynda Chamowitz
   Hattie Falkowitz, Mother of Mildred Benjamin
   Haim Galperin, Father of Mark Galperin
 *Dorothy Konikow, Mother of Leonard Konikow
 *Jack Levine, Father of Phyllis Konikow

* denotes a Memorial Plaque in the sanctuary

Tue, February 7 2023 16 Shevat 5783