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General information about CBE's worship services are shown on this page. More details about this month's services, including holidays, monthly family service, children's services and special services, can be found or the calendar or in the Shofar.  Also, the weekly schedule is e-mailed on Thursday to the Beth Emeth members and prospective members.

The Regular (Non-Holiday) Schedule:

  • Friday, 6:30 PM: Shabbat Evening Service
  • Saturday, 9:00AM: Shabbat Morning Services
  • Sunday, 9:00AM: Morning Minyan
  • Wednesday, 8:00PM: Evening Minyan

Worship services


Currently, all Beth Emeth worship services are conducted in person, and are also accessible for those unable to attend, at (In case this link doesn't redirect you to our services due to technical issues, go to and use Passcode 156182.

Visitors to our regular Shabbat services are always welcome! It is not necessary to let us know in advance, but if you want us to know you're coming or have questions, email

COVID19 Policy

Vaccinations: Congregation Beth Emeth encourages and recommends that all medically eligible persons be fully vaccinated, however vaccinations are not required to participate in CBE services and activities.  Please see our Vaccination Policy.

Masks are optional with the following exceptions: Masks are required (1) at events where special circumstances require masks,  and (2) in offices at discretion of staff. When required, those under age 2 or unable to remove own mask are exempt.

Shabbat & Holiday Services 

Erev Shabbat/Sukkot Service & picnic

Friday, September 29
  • Candlelighting Time: 6:40 PM
  • 6:30 PM, Erev Shabbat/Sukkot Service (in person and on Zoom)
  • 7:00 PM, Erev Shabbat/Sukkot Picnic Dinner in the Sukkah -- Bring your family's picnic dinner; we'll provide drinks & dessert.
  • Siddur: Most Fridays we use the Lev Shalem Siddur – email if you are interested in purchasing one at our discounted rate. For monthly musical/multigenerational services, we use our Kabbalat Shabbat Booklet.

Shabbat/sukkot Morning Service

Saturday, September 30
  • 9:00 AM, Shabbat Morning Service (in person and on Zoom)
  • Torah Service info:
    • Torah Reading: Sukkot I (on Shabbat), Leviticus 22:26-23:44 (Etz Hayim p. 723) and Numbers 29:12-16 (Etz Hayim p. 934)
    • Haftarah: Zechariah 14:1-21 (Etz Hayim p. 1252)
    • Torah & Haftarah readings online
    • Torah Sparks (will resume after the holidays): Commentary on this week's Torah portion. You can subscribe to the weekly Torah Sparks email - free version is at the bottom.
  • Siddur: We use the Lev Shalem Siddur – email if you are interested in purchasing one at our discounted rate.

sukkot Morning Service

Sunday, October 1
  • 9:00 AM, Shabbat Morning Service (in person and on Zoom)
  • Torah Service info:
    • Torah Reading: Sukkot II, Leviticus 22:26-23:44 (Etz Hayim p. 723) and Numbers 29:12-16 (Etz Hayim p. 934)
    • Haftarah: I Kings 8:2-21 (Etz Hayim p. 1256)
    • Torah & Haftarah readings online
    • Torah Sparks (will resume after the holidays): Commentary on this week's Torah portion. You can subscribe to the weekly Torah Sparks email - free version is at the bottom.

Please see our High Holidays page for complete information on Sukkot through Simchat Torah. Quick reference:

Regular Weekday Minyanim

Wednesday Evening, October 4
  • 8:00 PM regular minyan every Wednesday (in person and on Zoom)
  • Please make an effort to help make a minyan for members of our community who are saying Kaddish.

Shiva Minyan

Our congregants hold most shiva minyanim in person, and in some cases in person and online. Any Zoom links will vary and will be shared via email. You can view and download the prayerbook, A Minyan of Comfort online in order to participate fully from home when that option is available.


Children and Services:

  • Our monthly Music to Our Ears Intergenerational Shabbat is designed to be enjoyable and meaningful to all ages, including children. This service is generally the first Friday night of each month, but be sure to check the calendar in case of a change.
  • Tot Shabbat & Children’s Services are Coming Back! After a hiatus during the pandemic, we are organizing a regular Tot Shabbat program as well as a Children’s Service for elementary-aged children. If you are interested, and especially if you are interested in helping organize these events, please contact Rabbi Warner, at or (703) 860-4515 ext 104. 
  • Children are of course welcome to come to any services!

Learn About Participating in Services

  • Learn to lead or participate in services using our audio files.
  • Learn to leyn (chant Torah) – check the Adult Education schedule or call the office to locate a tutor.  If you already know how to leyn, contact the Ritual-Shabbat co-directors to get signed up.
  • Learn to be a gabbai or to chant Haftarah – contact David Cerny.

September Yahrzeits at Beth Emeth

Week of September 1-7
   Jack Pressman, Father of Eileen Rosenthal
   Lillian Sloan, Mother of Jim Sloan
   Mark David Bell, Brother of Susan Reilly
 *Chana Malka Kohane, Mother of Debora Levine
   Leon Reif, Father of Martin Reif
   Aba Ward, Father of Sarita Kaplan
   Sydney Blaskey, Father of Sondra Dorfman
   Leon Brownstein, Father of Alan Brownstein
 *Selma J. Hirsch, Mother of Brian Hirsch
   Frances Immerman, Mother of Perry Immerman
 *Frances Rubel, Mother of Miriam Goldin
   Morton Rubin, Grandfather of Paul Levine
 *Michael Hamburger, Brother of Joan DeSantis
   Sam Shraga, Father of Paul Shraga
 *Judith Sakowitz

Week of September 8-14
   Sheila Nathan, Cousin of Irving Rosenberg
   Ghamar Rafii, Mother-in-law of Polly Rafii
   Edward Taylor, Step-father of Charles Bernstein
   Millie Hoffman, Grandmother of Susan Friedman
   Edward Lipson, Grandfather of Susan Berger
 *Nathan Rosenthal, Father of Joanne Levine
   Bonnie Wollek, Mother of Scott Wollek
   Anjel Benromano, Aunt of Sapat Mitrani
 *Pat Schreiber, wife of David Schreiber
   Anita Baker, Mother of Stephen Baker
   Harold Cliffer, Father of Ken Cliffer
   Clara Pressman, Mother of Eileen Rosenthal
   Martin Rosenzweig, Father of Lisa Stern
 *Marshall Tanhoff, Father of Denise Moldover
   Nathan Wasserman, Father of Valerie Cohen
 *Howard William Reel
 *Arthur Rothenberg
 *Irving Janger

Week of September 15-21
 *Margaret Schreiber, Mother of Marion May
   Florence Dashelf, Grandmother of Joy Walsh
   Myron Cohen, Brother-in-Law of Anita Cohen
   Pearl Hendin, Mother of Linda Harber
   Ann Neilsen, Grandmother of Eric Epstein
   George Simball, Father of Arlene Rosh
 *Robert J. Seid, Brother of Howard Seid
 *Harry Feuerberg, Brother of Stan Feuerberg
 *Colman Winter

Week of September 22-28
 *Evelyn Gruber Klayton, Mother of Ronald Klayton
   Benjamin Snyder, grandfather of David Cohen
 *Sidney I. Cohen, Father of Mitch Cohen
 *Jean B Gershner, Mother of Jan Woodhead
 *Bert Melnick, Father of Lauretta Skigen
   Samuel Nebelkopf, Grandfather of Judy Bergman
   Rose Reilly, Mother of Neil Reilly
 *Aleksandr Vaindiner, Father of Irina Vayndiner
 *David Alliker, Brother of Ben Alliker
   Annabelle Glazer, Mother of Rabbi Steven Glazer
   Semen Krasnoschekov, Father of Ninel Galperin
   Semen Krasnoschekov, Father of Yelena Borovoy
   Jeannette Siegel, Mother of Debbie Immerman
 *Sara Milgram Guller

Week of September 29-October 5
   Rachel Borovoy, Mother-in-law of Yelena Borovoy
   Eve Freedlander, Mother of Melissa Landau
 *Joseph Levy, Father of Leslie Lesch
   Gail Mihal, Sister of Jim Mihal
   Michael Modjoros, Father of MeLanie Modjoros
   Hermeine Shapiro, Mother of Helene Shapiro
   Elbert J. Held, Father of Kathryn Schuman
   Harriet Evnin, Sister of Monica Epstein
 *Barbara Schecter, Sister-in-law of Irving Rosenberg
   Victor Sheifer, Father of Stuart Sheifer
   Richard Dubron, Grandfather of Allison Deur
   Leo Kazhokin, Brother of Sophia Kurtsman
   Harry Lowe, Grandfather of Susan Barbash
 *Esther Seid, Mother of Howard Seid
   Louis M. Shapiro, Grandfather of Deborah Colby
 *Anna Kekoler, Mother of Lance Kekoler
   Eben Smith, Father of Gary Smith
 *Esther Cohen, Mother of David Cohen
   Shirley Jackofsky, Great-Aunt of Jennifer Nisoff
   Sara Wolk, Grandmother of Corinne Jacobson
 *Lester Merrill

* denotes a Memorial Plaque in the sanctuary

September Oneg/Kiddush Co-Sponsors

Thank you to all who have contributed generously to our Oneg/Kiddush fund to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other lifecyle events this month. Your contribution helps support Onegs and Kiddushes when there is not a special event. 

The Berman family in honor of Shauna Berman Peters’ birthday
The Berman family in honor of Layla Peters’ birthday
The Pohl family in honor of Shana’s birthday
Jan & Hank Pohl in honor of their wedding anniversary

If you have a lifecycle event that you would like to acknowledge, please contact Judy.

Sat, September 30 2023 15 Tishrei 5784