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General information about CBE's worship services are shown on this page. More details about this month's services, including holidays, monthly family service, children's services and special services, can be found or the calendar or in the Shofar.  Also, the weekly schedule is e-mailed on Thursday to the Beth Emeth members and prospective members.

The Regular (Non-Holiday) Schedule:

  • Friday, 8:00 PM: Shabbat Evening Service
  • Saturday, 9:00AM: Shabbat Morning Services
  • Sunday, 9:00AM: Morning Minyan
  • Wednesday, 8:00PM: Evening Minyan

Worship services

Currently, all Beth Emeth worship services are conducted online through Zoom, with Shabbat morning and some special occasions also in-person. 

Visitors to our services are always welcome! It is not necessary to let us know in advance, but if you want us to know you're coming or have questions, email

Here are the links you will need to watch our Shabbat and weekday minyan services online; see below for additional information about attending in person:

Vaccination Policy

Congregation Beth Emeth requires that all medically eligible persons be fully vaccinated to enter our facilities or participate in CBE-hosted, in-person events. If you haven't already, we ask that you please upload an image of your vaccination card, or have proof of vaccination with you. (Uploaded images will stay in a private and secure area within ShulCloud; you are invited to resubmit following boosters.) Beth Emeth reserves the right to verify vaccination status.

Zoom Link for All Services 

Friday Kabbalat Shabbat Service - May 20
  • Candlelighting Time: 8:01PM
  • 8:00 PM, Kabbalat Shabbat Service with Confirmation (In person and Zoom). Join us as we celebrate our students' accomplishments at confirmation service. Rabbi Aft taught the confirmation class this year, and the small class size allowed the students to develop a strong relationship with the rabbi and among themselves. In fact, they decided to collaborate on their contribution to the Megan's Muse Creative Arts Competition instead of competing for the prize! (Check it out in the lobby). 
  • Download for Friday evening services: CBE Kabbalat Shabbat Booklet
Saturday Shabbat Morning Service - May 21
  • 9:00 AM, Shabbat Morning Service (in person and Zoom), when we will celebrate with the Weiser/Rosensweig family as Emery Rosensweig becomes a Bat Mitzvah. Kiddush luncheon after the service is sponsored by the Weiser/Rosensweig family in honor of the occasion.
  • Torah Service info:
    • Torah Reading: Behar, Leviticus 25:29-2:02 (Etz Hayim p. 742)
    • Haftarah:  Jeremiah 32:6 - 32:27 (Etz Hayim p. 759)
    • Torah & Haftarah readings online (triennial year 3)
    • Torah Sparks - Commentary on this week's Torah portion. You can subscribe to the weekly Torah Sparks email - free version is at the bottom.
  • Prayerbook: If are joining on Zoom and don't have the Siddur Lev Shalem for Shabbat & Festivals, you can download the needed parts here -- check the box for "Siddur Lev Shalem: Shaharit and Musaf for Festivals (including ....)"
Join Us Next Shabbat

On Saturday morning, we will celebrate with the Bockman family as Isaac becomes a Bar Mitzvah (In person & Zoom). 

Regular Weekday Minyanim

Prayerbook: If you are joining on Zoom and don't have the Siddur Sim Shalom for Weekdays, click the "Download" link and choose the named section to download.

Sunday Morning Minyan, May 22
Wednesday Minyan - May 25

Shiva Minyan

During this time when we will be holding some shiva minyanim online, Zoom links will vary and will be shared via email. You can download the Shiva Minyan Evening Service (or Shiva Minyan Afternoon Service) in order to participate fully from home.

Zoom Background:

Zoom allows users to implement a photo as a background. If you would like to use the sanctuary photo shown here, click for a larger image to download

In-Person Services Option

COVID-19 Precautions

All attendees who are medically eligible must be fully vaccinated. Effective March 11, 2022, masks are optional with the following exceptions: Masks are required (1) In the school wing when school is in session, (2) at events where size/circumstances require masks,  and (3) in offices at discretion of staff. When required, those under age 2 or unable to remove own mask are exempt.

If you haven't already, we ask that you please upload an image of your vaccination card, or have proof of vaccination with you. (Uploaded images will stay in a private and secure area within ShulCloud; you are invited to resubmit following boosters.) Beth Emeth reserves the right to verify vaccination status.

If you are not feeling well, please stay home and join us online.

Please see the latest Covid policy update for more details on current policies to keep everyone safe.

Children and Services:

NOTE: Children's services are on hiatus during Covid-19, except for special occasions

Learn About Participating in Services

  • Learn to lead or participate in services using our audio files.
  • Learn to leyn (chant Torah) – check the Adult Education schedule or call the office to locate a tutor.  If you already know how to leyn, contact the Ritual-Shabbat co-directors to get signed up.
  • Learn to be a gabbai or to chant Haftarah – contact David Cerny.

May Yahrzeits at Beth Emeth

Week of May 6-12
   Bernard Feigenbaum, Father of Carl Feigenbaum
   Steven Barry Fink, Father of Gregory Fink
 *Arthur Guttman, Husband of Estelle Guttman
   Kira Lev, Greatgrandmother of Alina Kirshon-Goldman
 *Milton Turen, Father of Susan Lewis
 *Milton Klein, Father of Mark Klein
 *David Zelman, Father of Martin Zelman
   Sandra Sonnino, Grandmother of Elena Sonnino
   Miriam Wohl, Grandmother of Jason Appelbaum
 *Victor Assayas, Father of Danielle Edgell
   Carole Garfinkel, Aunt of Suzanne Goldlust
   William Kerr, Grandfather of Jodi Fink
   Ruth Silverstein Bader, great-grandmother of Sara Pollack
 *Ronald Lionel Plaskow, Father of Gillian Sescoe
   Sylvia Rubin, Mother of Keith Rubin
   Matt Shor, Nephew of Robert Shor
   Renard Abdoulline, Husband of Lilia Abdoullina
   Rita Irene Solomon Warschauer, Grandmother of Josh Winston

Week of May 13-19
   Philip Berger, Grandfather of Susan Berger
   Thelma Koppel, Mother of Dean Koppel
   Jack Chernow, Uncle of Anita Cohen
   Ruben Freedlander, Father of Melissa Landau
   Adina Senatore, Mother of Natalia Green
 *Betty Turen, Mother of Susan Lewis
   Anita Goldberg, Mother of Carl Feigenbaum
   Michael Schuman, Father of Jeffrey Schuman
   Ernest Burnick, Father of Barrie Burnick
   Sherry Greenspan, Mother of Gary Greenspan
   Philip Grimley, Brother of Mark Grimley
 *Irv Rosen, Father of Carol Silberstein
 *Fannie Hymer
 *Abraham Waldner

Week of May 20-26
   Barry Appelbaum, Brother of Jason Appelbaum
   Frances Brandolph, Mother of David Brandolph
   Andre Rich, Father of Ina Koppel
   Dorothy Simon, Grandmother of Lisa Nash
   Eugene Pohl, Father of Hank Pohl
 *Jeff Swartz, Husband of Terry Swartz
   Edith Bloom, Mother of Judith Rabinek
   Dan Moskowitz, Brother of Paul Moskowitz
   Doris Pohl, Mother of Hank Pohl
 *Hava Volftsun, Mother of Iosif Volftsun and Grandmother of Lev Volftsun
   Morris S. Fox, Father of Aviva Berlin
   Harry M. Friedman, Grandfather of Rebecca Fleischer
   Berta Maizenberg, Great aunt of Alina Kirshon-Goldman
   Abraham Pregozen, Father of Steven Pregozen
 *May Altsman, Mother of Sharon Kekoler
 *Martin Myerson

Week of May 27-June 2
   Sarah Davis, Grandmother of Charles Colby
   Matthew Isakowitz, Nephew of Cheryl Horowitz
 *Irv Miliman, Father of Deborah Zelman
 *Seymour Muller, Father-in-Law of Mark Klein
   Ronnie Wieder, Wife of Robert Wieder
 *Vita Avigan, Mother of Ruth Mann
 *Thurston Klayton, Father of Ronald Klayton
   Eva Lasdon, Great-Aunt of Jennifer Nisoff
   Sylvia Shay Rubin, Grandmother of Paul Levine
   Lauren A Colby, Father of Charles Colby
   Barbara Burnick, Mother of Barrie Burnick
   Eugene B. Fleischer, Father of Rebecca Fleischer
 *Zygmund Glattstein, Grandfather of Felice Schulz
 *Amir Rafii, Husband of Polly Rafii
 *Elise Greenwald Jacobs
 *Benjamin Levinson

* denotes a Memorial Plaque in the sanctuary

May Oneg/Kiddush Contributions

We thank the following families for making contributions to supplement weekly ONEGS AND KIDDUSHES and to mark the designated lifecycle event(s). Your contributions support Onegs and Kiddushes that are not part of a special event. Currently we are providing the food packaged so it can be eaten in the social hall or taken outside for those not comfortable eating together yet.

Susan Berger in honor of her birthday
The Bergman family in honor of Shalyn Webb’s birthday
The Kraden family in honor of Abigail’s birthday
The Kronisch/Tyler family in honor of Jackson’s birthday
The Joanne & Paul Levine family in honor of Scarlett Schaffer’s birthday
Susan & Paul Moskowitz in honor of their wedding anniversary
The Susan & Paul Moskowitz family in honor of Paul’s birthday
The Norman family in honor of Andrew’s birthday
The Peters family in honor of Brooke’s birthday
Jan Woodhead in honor of her birthday
The Zelman family in honor of Marty’s birthday

If you have a lifecycle event that you would like to acknowledge, please contact the Main Office at 703-860-4515 Ext. 101 or

Local Daily Minyanim

(During COVID-19, be sure to check with each congregation as many minyanim are online only.) To make a Minyan during the week for those saying Kaddish or observing a yahrzeit, the support of the Northern Virginia Jewish Community is greatly needed, (particularly during the winter months). The following northern Virginia congregations have daily minyanim (be sure to contact them to confirm the schedule):

  • Congregation Etz Chaim, 2920 Arlington Boulevard, Arlington, (703) 979-4466, 7:30AM Thursday Morning Minyan (9:30 if Federal holiday).
  • Agudas Achim, 2908 Valley Drive, Alexandria, (703) 998-6460, 7:30AM Daily Morning Minyan M-F, 9 AM on Sunday and Federal Holidays and 7:50 PM Evening Minyan Sun-Thurs.
  • Congregation Olam Tikvah, 3800 Glenbrook Road, Fairfax, (703) 425-1880, Daily Evening Minyan 8:00PM Mon-Thurs (may vary on holidays) and Wednesday morning minyan 8:00AM (7:45AM on Rosh Chodesh Wednesdays). 
  • Gesher Jewish Day School, 4800 Mattie Moore Court, Fairfax, VA 22030 -- If you are looking for a morning minyan in Fairfax, the Gesher Jewish Day School welcomes the public to daily minyanim when school is in session; times vary so please call (703) 978-9789 to make arrangements.

Additional Minyan times for several Maryland & DC area congregations are available from the Main Office upon request.


Our office staff can help.


Sat, May 21 2022 20 Iyyar 5782