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General information about CBE's worship services are shown on this page. More details about this month's services, including holidays, monthly family service, children's services and special services, can be found or the calendar or in the Shofar.  Also, the weekly schedule is e-mailed on Thursday to the Beth Emeth members and prospective members.

The Regular (Non-Holiday) Schedule:

  • Friday, 6:30 PM: Shabbat Evening Service
  • Saturday, 9:00AM: Shabbat Morning Services
  • Sunday, 9:00AM: Morning Minyan
  • Wednesday, 8:00PM: Evening Minyan

Worship services

New Security Procedures

Guest Reservations Required to Attend Services & Related Events

  • Beth Emeth members and BEECC Preschool families do not need to make reservations for yourselves – nor for your guests, if the guests will arrive with you. Please complete a reservation form for guests who plan to arrive separately.
  • Guests who are not arriving with a member or BEECC family will be allowed into services with a reservation and photo identification. (If you are attending a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or other special occasion, consult your host as they may be reserving for their guests.) Reservations must be made by Friday noon for the upcoming weekincluding Friday night, Saturday morning, and Sunday and Wednesday minyanim.
  • Guests who did not make a reservation will be advised of our policy and provided information on how to make a reservation for future services. Reservations will be required for entry until further notice.  

Guest Reservation Form:


Currently, all Beth Emeth worship services are conducted in person, and are also accessible for those unable to attend, at (In case this link doesn't redirect you to our services due to technical issues, go to and use Passcode 156182.

Visitors to our regular Shabbat services are always welcome! It is not necessary to let us know in advance, but if you want us to know you're coming or have questions, email

COVID19 Policy

Vaccinations: Congregation Beth Emeth encourages and recommends that all medically eligible persons be fully vaccinated, however vaccinations are not required to participate in CBE services and activities.  Please see our Vaccination Policy.

Masks are optional with the following exceptions: Masks are required (1) at events where special circumstances require masks,  and (2) in offices at discretion of staff. When required, those under age 2 or unable to remove own mask are exempt.

Shavuot Services

Not a member or BEECC parent (nor arriving with a member nor BEECC parent)? Please read our new security procedure and make a reservation by the previous Friday at noon.

Tuesday, June 11
  • 8:00-9:30 PM, In honor of Shavuot, CBE will be joining Kol Ami and Sha'are Shalom in a Zoom "Tikkun" (study session). We'll be closing out Rabbi Bruce Aft's three-year-long Weekly Torah Study group with a few teachings from participants and Rabbi Bruce. In addition, CBE's own Morah Gwen Sloan will share reflections on what it means to receive the Torah. Also on hand will be Rabbi Jessica Shimberg to share wisdom with us from the recently published Toward a Holy Ecology: Reading the Song of Songs in the Age of Climate Crisis, by the late Rabbi Ellen Bernstein. Zoom link 
Wednesday, June 12
  • 9:00 AM, Shavuot Morning Service
  • 6:30 PM, Note special time, Evening Minyan with Yizkor
Thursday, June 13
  • 9:00 AM, Shavuot Morning Service with Yizkor

Shabbat Services 

Erev Shabbat

Friday, June 14


Saturday, June 15
  • 9:00 AM, Shabbat Morning Service (In person and Zoom). Join us as we celebrate with the Levitan family as Alana becomes a Bat Mitzvah.
  • Torah Service info:


Regular Weekday Minyanim

Not a member or BEECC parent (nor arriving with a member nor BEECC parent)? Please read our new security procedure and make a reservation by the previous Friday at noon.

Sunday Morning, June 16
  • 9:00 AM every Sunday (in person and on Zoom)
  • Please make an effort to help make a minyan for members of our community who are saying Kaddish, especially since Religious School is out for the summer. Maybe plan to come to services before Father's Day Brunch?
Wednesday Evening, June 19

(see above for June 12, during Shavuot, at 6:30 PM)

  • 8:00 PM -- Evening Minyan (in person and on Zoom)
  • Please make an effort to help make a minyan for members of our community who are saying Kaddish, as there are no meetings or classes in the building.

Join Us Next Shabbat

Saturday, June 22, Join us as we celebrate with the Nash family as Kylie becomes a Bat Mitzvah.

Shiva Minyan

Our congregants hold most shiva minyanim in person, and in some cases in person and online. Any Zoom links will vary and will be shared via email. You can view and download the prayerbook, A Minyan of Comfort online in order to participate fully from home when that option is available.


Children and Services:

  • Our monthly Music to Our Ears Intergenerational Shabbat is designed to be enjoyable and meaningful to all ages, including children. This service is generally the first Friday night of each month, but be sure to check the calendar in case of a change.
  • Torah for Tots! 

  • Children are of course welcome to come to any services!

Learn About Participating in Services

  • Learn to lead or participate in services using our audio files.
  • Learn to leyn (chant Torah) – check the Adult Education schedule or call the office to locate a tutor.  If you already know how to leyn, contact the Ritual-Shabbat co-directors to get signed up.
  • Learn to be a gabbai or to chant Haftarah – contact David Cerny.

June Yahrzeits at Beth Emeth

Week of May 31-June 6
   Morris S. Fox, Father of Aviva Berlin
   Harry M. Friedman, Grandfather of Rebecca Fleischer
   Abraham Pregozen, Father of Steven Pregozen
 *May Altsman, Mother of Sharon Kekoler
 *Martin Myerson, Father of Jay Myerson
   Sarah Davis, Grandmother of Charles Colby
 *Irv Miliman, Father of Deborah Zelman
 *Seymour Muller, Father-in-Law of Mark Klein
   Ronnie Wieder, Wife of Robert Wieder
 *Vita Avigan, Mother of Ruth Mann
 *Thurston Klayton, Father of Ronald Klayton
   Sylvia Shay Rubin, Grandmother of Paul Levine
 *Elise Greenwald Jacobs
 *Benjamin Levinson

Week of June 7-13
   Lauren A Colby, Father of Charles Colby
   Barbara Burnick, Mother of Barrie Burnick
   Eugene B. Fleischer, Father of Rebecca Fleischer
   Jill Rosenzweig, Mother of Lisa Stern
 *Zygmund Glattstein, Grandfather of Felice Schulz
   Allan Shapiro, Father of Carl Shapiro
 *Arnold Weinstock, Father of Robin Schulman
 *Gloria Weisz, Mother of Shari Hirsch
 *Max Davidow, Father of Sharon Davidow
   Marshall Isaacson, Father of Julie Dann
   Gerald Berkman, Uncle of Tina Wallace
   Pauline Cotten, Mother of Cynthia Richards
 *Stanley Schecter, Father-in-Law of Irving Rosenberg
 *Amir Rafii
 *John Perl

Week of June 14-20
 *Mary Goldin, Mother of Richard Goldin
 *Fay Goldlust, Grandmother of Suzanne Goldlust
   Yolande Kaswell, Mother of Jeanne Sager
 *Louis Zoberman, Father of Ita Mandel
   Edward Comer, Father of Leslie Porter
 *Lillian Gamm, Mother of Paula Yass
   Florence Allen, Mother of Brian Allen
   Alan Bernson, Stepfather of Rebecca Fleischer
 *Peter I. Goldin, Father of Richard Goldin
   Nyusia Shvartzman, Remembered by Lauren MacDonald
   Fira Shvartzman, Remembered by Lauren MacDonald
 *Eileen Tobenkin, Sister of Ellen Greene
 *James Siegel, Father of Debbie Immerman

Week of June 21-27
 *Megan Berman, Daughter of Judith & Stephen Berman and Sister of Shauna Peters
   Sol Leopold, Father of Estelle Guttman
 *Elkan Rosenberg, Father of Irving Rosenberg
   Shirley Saslow Cohen, Grandmother of Nicholas May
 *Ilse Seligman, Mother of Ellen Grimley
   Leon Cades, Grandfather of Michelle Cades
 *George Greene, Father of Stephan Greene
 *Martin Kravitz, Father of Rona Kravitz
 *Robert Merlin, Brother of Judy Bergman
   Ruth Pitnikoff, Mother of Iris Solodar
   Donald Gene Foster, Father of Donna Paley
   Dennis Klayton, Brother of Ronald Klayton
   Reva Belle Kramer, Mother of Elaine Ticatch
   Doris Berkman, Aunt of Tina Wallace
   Sylvia Kellem, Aunt of Rabbi Steven Glazer
 *Yada Weinstein, Mother of Tina Wallace
   Elisa Umansky, Mother of Edit Braunstein
 *Abraham Feuerberg, Father of Stan Feuerberg
   Saul Shaffer, Grandfather of Corinne Jacobson

Week of June 28-July 4
   Louise Aarons, Mother of Michael Aarons
   Sara Appelbaum, Sister of Jason Appelbaum
   Ida Golkow, Stepmother of Andrew Golkow
   Louis Kessler, Father of Chet Kessler
   Shirley Uman, Mother of Lawrence Uman
   Evelyn Ackerman, Mother of Rona Ackerman
 *Jonas Baranek, Grandfather of David Hillelsohn
   Dorothy Freedman, Mother of Ronald Freedman
   Max Schneller, Grandfather of Roger Harte
 *Norman Spigelman, Father of Robyn Feuerberg
   Melvin Ticatch, Father of Joel Ticatch
   Marvin Meisner, father of Jonathan Meisner
   Aaron Peretz, Father of Myrna Feigenbaum
 *Labe Braverman, Father-in-Law of Iosif Volftsun and Grandfather of Lev Volftsun
 *Malka Braverman, Mother-in-law of Iosif Volftsun and Grandmother of Lev Volftsun
 *Bert Leffert, Father of Judith Berman
   Arthur Movit, Father of Charles Movit and Grandfather of Andrew Movit
   Richard Dasher, Father of Lisa Blecker
   Bernard Dingenthal, Uncle of Richard Bergman
   Regina Falb, Sister of Bernice Malamud
   Morton Klein, Uncle of Mark Klein
 *David Merlin, Father of Judy Bergman
 *Orna Polak, Sister of David Polak
 *Lionel Cohen

* denotes a Memorial Plaque in the sanctuary

June Oneg/Kiddush

Thank you to all who have contributed generously to our Oneg/Kiddush fund to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other lifecyle events this month. Your contribution helps support Onegs and Kiddushes when there is not a special event. 

Rich & Judy Bergman in honor of their 49th anniversary 
The Bergman family in honor of Rich's birthday
The Brody family in honor of Sandy's birthday
The Brody family in honor of Larry's birthday
Judy Brown in honor of her birthday
The Crane family in honor of Jordyn’s birthday
The Crane family in honor of Parker’s birthday
Linda & Howard Eisinger in honor of their 45th wedding anniversary
The Eisinger family in honor of Howard's birthday
The Greene family in honor of Steve’s birthday
The Kamerling family in honor of David's birthday
Marni Kan & Ziv Younger in honor of their wedding anniversary
The Levy-Myers family in honor of Reuben’s birthday
Helen & Eric Levy-Myers in honor of their wedding anniversary

If you have a lifecycle event that you would like to acknowledge, please contact Judy.

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