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Our new website enables Beth Emeth members and BEECC parents to create a login, so you can manage your own account and profile, and make online payments & contributions. Soon you'll also be able to register online for Religious School, BEECC and events, and have access to members-only content.

To Create Your Login

  1. Go to this link.
  2. Put in your email address (the one we have on file) and click on "Email Password."
  3. Wait for an email with password instructions to arrive (it happens quickly) and set up your password.
  4. Now you can use the "Login" link at the top right of the website to log in. 

PLEASE BE SURE TO USE THE EMAIL ADDRESS THAT WE HAVE ON FILE -- if your email address is not recognized, try another or check what is in the CBE directory, or contact

Update Your Profile

Once logged in, you can view and update all of your information on your account by clicking on your name at the top right of the site, and clicking on "My Account" in the dropdown menu. While we have moved all your information from the previous system, it is a good idea to confirm that your information is correct, and update if needed. To get started:

  • Make sure that the information in your profile is correct (i.e. contact information, birthdate, Hebrew name, etc.). If you change your email address, remember that you'll need to use that for logging in next time.
  • Review your list of family members and make sure their information is correct.
  • Review and add any Yahrzeits so you can be notified of future occurrences.

If you have open charges on your account, you can go on the website at any time to make a payment or an additional donation. (We are also collecting the mail daily, if you prefer to send a check.)

Stay tuned as we activate more functions, and add/update information on the website as well.

Tech Tips: 

We have provided a few tips below to help you start using the private areas of the site. If you have any questions about the website, logging in, or updating your information, please contact Susan at If your questions are financial in nature, please contact Ava at

  • To log in, be sure to use the email address that your April 14 email was sent to. If you want to use a different one in the future, you can change the email address in your profile, and then use that to log in next time, with the same password you already created.
  • If an adult member or BEECC parent did not receive the email sent on April 14 with login instructions, either the message is in their spam/junk folder (please check), or we do not have an email address on file for them. If another family member has a login, they can log in, go to the "My Family" button and add or correct their family member's email address. Then they should be able to create their own login, using that email address. (Note: even if they will not be actively managing the account, they may want to register for events in the future.)
  • To get to the main Member/Account page, once logged in, use the drop-down with your name and click on “My Account.”
  • To make a payment, log in, go to the member/account page as above, then click on the top left “Pay or Donate Online” button (it may only say “Donate”) and choose "For account balance."
  • To add a new payment method, on the member/account page, select "My Payment Methods", "Add New Payment Method." In the drop down at the bottom, select “Credit Card or "eCheck/ACH" and click "Add card to this gateway." (It will still say “add card” even if you are adding a bank account.)
  • There are two ways to make a contribution online: (1) Log in, go to "My Account" as above, and click on the "Donate" button. Choose "A donation," and use the dropdown to choose the type of donation or the fund you want to contribute to. Or, (2) you can use the orange Donate  link at the top of the site to view different types of contributions/dedications and related information, and a list of funds with their descriptions. Then click on the link for your choice. Once logged in, it will take you directly to the form with that fund or type of donation or dedication pre-filled.
  • To check recent payments:
    • On the member/account page, click on "My Transactions" and click on "View All Transactions."
    • Dates of payments will correspond to the date that we deposited the check or processed a payment.
    • Just to the left of each transaction is an orange down arrow.
    • You can click it to expand each line and it will show you which charges the payment was applied to, and how much was applied to each charge.
  • To update your address or salutation name:
  1. On the member/account page, select "Edit My Addresses."
  2. Click "Edit" on the lower right.
  3. Click the address box to select and edit.
  4. To update salutation name, select "Manual" instead of "Automatically Generated" and update your name(s).
  5. To update your address, make edits in any field.
  6. (Please do not update "Annual Current Start Date" or "Annual Billing Start Date," unless you are a snowbird who will receive mail at a different location for half the year!)
  7. Click "Done."
  8. Don't forget to click "Save Changes to Addresses" on the bottom right!
Wed, May 27 2020 4 Sivan 5780