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Board of Directors

Leslie Lesch (Read Bio)


Executive Committee

    President: Leslie Lesch (Contact, More)
    Executive Vice President: Vacant
    Administrative VP: Marc Wishkoff
    Vice President for Development: Ellyn Hirsch
    Vice President for Ritual: Denise Moldover
    Vice President for Education: Suzanne Goldlust
    Vice President for Finance/Treasurer: Marty Zelman
    Secretary: Phil Noyovitz
    Past President: Fran Besalel

Committee Chairs 

    Adult Program: Lori Kraden & Lynn Mayer
    BEECC: Lauren Moses
    Communications & Publicity: Ken Cohen
    Endowment: Ellyn Soefer
    Finance and Budget: vacant
    Food Service: Laura Gorbach
    Fundraising: vacant
    House and Facilities: Bruce Wyman
    Long Range Planning: Richard Weisman
    Membership: Rona Ackerman & Rachael Fineberg
    Ritual/Holiday: Liz Cordeiro
    Ritual/Lifecycle: vacant
    Ritual/Shabbat & Weekday: Steve Baker
    School: Kate Brown
    Social Action and Community Relations: Patty and Alan Goldblatt
    Technology: Dan Moldover    
    Youth Activities: Donna Paley
    Member At-Large: Robyn Feuerberg
    Sisterhood President: Shirley Gross
    Men's Club President: Jim Sloan and Alex Osinovsky
    BEECC Parents' Association Co-Chairs: Jodi Smith

Sat, April 17 2021 5 Iyyar 5781