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Interfaith Families

Stained Glass Window ImageAs a synagogue affiliated with the Conservative movement, we welcome and encourage interfaith families to make Congregation Beth Emeth your spiritual home. We embrace the tradition of keruv (outreach and welcome) that dates back to our biblical ancestors. At Congregation Beth Emeth, we offer interfaith families the resources and support to practice and grow in Judaism. We actively seek to share the gifts of our faith, learning, practices, and fellowship to nurture and support the spiritual journey of non-Jewish partners. We endeavor to deepen the connections to the synagogue, the Jewish community, and the Jewish people. We joyously partner with all who join us in creating homes rich in Jewish tradition, and in helping all families find profound intellectual and spiritual meaning in Judaism.

The rich and compelling legacy of Judaism is the basis for many monotheistic faiths, and offers

  • An openness to questioning—Judaism is ever open to questioning, challenge, investigation, and personal exploration.
  • A rejection of original sin—Judaism views the souls of newborns as pure, with the potential for both good and misdeeds. Judaism regards all of us as fallible human beings capable of changing our ways through the divine gift of teshuvah (repentance).
  • Direct access to God—Judaism does not believe clergy or communal leaders are any closer to God than lay people, therefore no intermediaries are necessary for “confession” of sin, nor for beseeching God’s presence.
  • Judaism is not an “All or Nothing” faith—People are perceived as trying to find their religious level on a continuum of commitments. Judaism inspires individuals to increase involvement at their own pace.
  • A focus on this world rather than just the afterlife—Although Judaism believes firmly in the spiritual life of the soul in the hereafter, the emphasis of Jews has always been upon actions in this world.
  • Spiritual satisfaction—Judaism opens up an entirely different, spiritual view of the world.

There are many ways to find your place as an interfaith family at Congregation Beth Emeth. We know that once you walk through our doors, you will experience the warmth of our community no matter your religious background.  We invite you to

  • Stop by to chat with the rabbi in her office.
  • Join us for a Shabbat dinner or a holiday celebration.
  • Attend our adult education courses or family education programs
  • Attend our religious services.
  • Choose a connection that eases you into the synagogue’s Jewish environment.
  • Adopt Conservative Judaism as your family’s Jewish way of life.
  • Assume our best intentions and keep an open mind toward our policies.
  • Join us and be part of our Jewish family!
Thu, May 28 2020 5 Sivan 5780