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Publicize CBE Events

Before your event can be publicized, it MUST be on the calendar so that any conflicts are worked out as well as to reserve space and other resources. Please send calendar entry information/request to
(* items are required)

Info should include as much as you know initially, then follow with additional info to be added, both for the calendar and for additional publicity (see below).

  • *Event Name (60 characters max, including spaces)
  • SHORT event name for calendar view (40 characters max, including spaces)
  • *Event Date AND start time & end time (or all day)
  • Recurrence pattern, if any
  • *Description -- focus on what it is, and engaging people to attend
  • *Location (online, outside, room request, etc.)
  • Do you need CBE to provide a Zoom link for the event?
  • *Cost
  • *Is RSVP required/requested?
  • How do people RSVP? (Email or form? Form is required if there is a cost.)
  • RSVP deadline
  • Who are you hoping to have come? (All CBE, a specific group or demographic, the general public, etc?)
  • *Contact for the public (name & email address -- note we do not publish personal contact info on the web, including in the calendar. Either use your committee chair's address, or we can make a webform that will send to your personal address.)
  • Notes: Anything else you want to tell CBE staff about the event

Additional Notes:

  • If you need a form for RSVP/payment, please contact to discuss. 
  • If you have a (non-copyrighted) photo or graphic to use on the event page, please send to
  • Please do not assume that space at the synagogue is reserved until you receive an email confirming that.

To publicize your event or program in addition to calendar listing, please send any "missing but relevant" information from the list above, plus where & when you would like it publicized and any other notes, to (More specifics  coming soon)

Fri, January 15 2021 2 Shevat 5781