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2023 Religious School Super Bowl Pool Fundraiser

  1. Entry Fee = $20 per box
  2. Choose your boxes! Select an open box from the dropdown list & it will be yours! We will enter your name in the square(s) you choose
  3. Once the deadline for entering fundraiser occurs, numbers will be selected to track the Super Bowl score
  4. Each side of the grid will have 0-9 randomly drawn and placed on the grid
  5. Where your number intersects are your numbers for the game
  6. One side of the grid will be for the AFC team, other side for the NFC team in the Super Bowl
  7. The numbers represent the last digit in the score for each team
  8. Example: Your box has AFC 1, NFC 0; If the AFC has a score of 21 and the NFC has a score of 10 at the end of any of the 4 quarters, you will be a winner
  9. PRIZES: This is a 50/50 Fundraiser – 50% of the entry fee will go to the Education Fund and a percentage will go to the winner of each quarter
  10. If the grid is not complete, prizes will be adjusted accordingly
  11. The same person can win more than 1 time during the game
  12. More grids can be made depending on demand
  13. Deadline to participate in the fundraiser is Saturday, February 11, 2023 at midnight
  14. Outside Grid Numbers will be selected the morning of Super Bowl, Sunday February 12, 2023
  15. Please check back once the numbers are selected to find out what numbers you will be rooting for in the big game!
  16. If you have questions before choosing your squares, please contact Michael Zides.
  17. Thanks for your support and GOOD LUCK!!!!!
Fri, January 27 2023 5 Shevat 5783