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Annual Appeal


Standing Together

The Congregation Beth Emeth Annual Appeal is the primary fundraising effort of voluntary giving, and provides the single greatest source of non-dues income necessary to ensure the financial health of our community. Our fundraising goal, to exceed $180,000, will enable CBE to continue to be a warm and welcoming full-service Conservative synagogue. There’s much to come in '21-'22 with the hope to hold in-person events very soon.

CBE continues to be creative, flexible, and innovative, embracing technology (which is here to stay) to continue to pray, learn, and socialize together. It is only through your generosity (donations large and small) that we are able to achieve our missions of spiritual fulfillment, cultural enrichment, exceptional educational programming, and transformation of the way we experience Jewish life. 

Todah Rabah & Thank You for Your Generous Donations!


From President Leslie Lesch

While our new fiscal year at Beth Emeth starts out under trying and unprecedented circumstances, we are a strong community and I am confident that we will come through it with flying colors. In order for us to persevere in these hard times we will need your help. As you know, dues and fees only cover a portion of our operating expenses every year. We depend on monies raised through fundraising activities to cover approximately 10% of our operating costs annually. And this year our finances will be even more stressed than normal. Some revenue streams (like High Holiday ticket sales) will not exist and others will be diminished like our expectation of lower enrollment in BEECC during this on-going pandemic.

Our fundraising goal this year is $180,000. I implore each of you to give where you are comfortable to support our home here at CBE. Whether that is $1, $18, or $5400 – every single penny counts. Help us to reach our goals and have a successful 5782 here at Beth Emeth!

See you “around” the shul!

Next Gen Leaders (under 36 years old)

Don’t Throw Away Your Shot!

Some of you grew up as part of the Beth Emeth Community; some have moved here as a single or a young family and joined our Community. All of us, though, have sought support, or connection, or education within the CBE community. There have been a number of unprecedented challenges in 2020 and 2021, and during these past difficult months Beth Emeth has been here for all of us:  providing opportunities for spiritual growth; providing companionship in these isolating times; providing entertainment (at a distance). It’s been financially challenging for everyone, yet CBE will always be here with your help. 
Our goal is 100% participation—and the NextGen group holds a special category.  Please consider donating a minimum of $36 to help Beth Emeth continue and evolve to meet the needs of our Community from our youngest members to our seniors.  That’s less than cost of the annual Disney+ subscription you considered purchasing in order to watch Hamilton before your friend graciously shared their password. As Alexander Hamilton/Lin-Manuel Miranda sang:

I am not throwing away my shot!
I am not throwing away my shot!
Hey yo, I’m just like my country
I’m young, scrappy and hungry
And I’m not throwing away my shot!


Todah Rabah & Thank You
or Your Generous Donations!

As of January 5, 2022 (Includes all fundraising)

% of Member Families Participating



Dorshim (Visionaries)... $7,200 & up
Shomrim (Guardians)... $5,400 - $7,199
Double Century Chai..... $3,600 - $5,399
Kesef (Silver)................. $2,500 - $3,599
Century Chai................. $1,800 - $2,499
Chalutzim (Pioneers).... $1,000 - $1,799
Adonim (Experts).......... $720 - $999

Bonim (Builders)............ $540 - $719
Nadivim (Patrons).......... $360 - $539
Chaverim (Friends)........ $180 - $359
Tomchim........................ Under $180
Next Gen Leadership - New!
(age 36 and under)....... $36 and up

We recognize and thank you for your Annual Appeal donations. As a small token of our appreciation, your name(s) will be listed on our attractive lobby display for the coming year (unless you request your donation to be anonymous.)

Donate to the 21-22 Annual Appeal

The Congregation Beth Emeth Annual Appeal is the primary fundraising effort used to balance the financial needs of the synagogue with what is received from member dues. This campaign of voluntary giving provides the single greatest source of non-dues income, and enables Beth Emeth to continue to be a warm and welcoming full-service Conservative synagogue.

To donate or pledge to the 21-22 Annual Appeal, please complete the form below. Beth Emeth members, please log into your account before donating, especially if you want to charge your donation to your account (Guide to Using ShulCloud).

Thank you for supporting the Congregation Beth Emeth community!


Thu, June 30 2022 1 Tammuz 5782