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Yay!  It's Purim!

03/11/2022 12:08:56 AM


Ora Cohen Rosenfeld

It’s the countdown to Purim!  If you or your child is joining in the festivities, you should already be outthinking, or better yet, have chosen, your Purim costume.  Are there Hamentashen baking?  What??  You’ve never baked a Hamentashen?  No problem, here is an easy recipe.  If you have baked chocolate chip cookies, you can make a hamentashen.  If you can’t bake a decent chocolate chip cookie, or Hamentashen, there will be plenty of hamentashen in the CBE Mishlaoch Manot, although home baked, even in someone else’s home, are better than packaged.

What about a grogger or noise maker?  Did you donate boxes of mac and cheese? That knocks off two mitzvahs in one – drowning out Haman’s name and giving to the needy.  What’s Purim without some fun songs to liven up the crowd?  Don ‘t worry, we have that too.  Zach and Sarah, our talented musicians, will be joined by school mate and brother, Adam Moldover for fun Purim songs and musical interludes during our Purim Shpiel.  

Yep, we have that too – creative interpretations of each chapter of the Megillah.  It may not look or sound like the megillah, but we promise, it will look something like the traditional tale of Esther, Mordechai, and Haman.  No Religious School celebration would be complete without the traditional Purim Carnival.  While the fun carnival will be the hit of the day, in truth, the most amazing part of our Purim this year is the fact that we will finally all be together.  Since this is Purim, masking is no problem! 

Like the tradition of the Purim Shpiel, which is meant to make fun, there is a tradition of publishing newsletters or articles that look serious, but when you read them, you understand that they are just a joke.  So, in honor of Rabbi Aft, who loves terrible Dad jokes, whether they make you groan, or laugh, or both, I offer these “Bad Dad jokes” to you and your family:

What is Beethoven’s favorite Hamentashen flavor?  Ba-na-na-na (you have to sing that one or it doesn’t work!)

I was flying to CBE for the Purim Carnival, and I think the person at the airline ticket desk threatened me.  They looked me straight in the eye and said “Window or aisle?”  I laughed in their face and said “window or you’ll what?”

After a long day of celebrating Purim, I told my daughter “Go to bed, the cows were already sleeping in the field.”  My daughter asked me, “what do cows in the field have to do with my going to bed?”  I told her” That means it’s pasture bedtime”

Happy Purim!

Sat, April 13 2024 5 Nisan 5784