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Survey Results

04/22/2021 10:46:50 AM


Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out the Rabbi Search Survey. The information you provided will be extremely helpful.  I want to share what you (as a congregation) told us.  

Summary of Importance Ratings

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Your comments were read very carefully and they will be shared with all the members of the Search Committee. We found out that you would like:

  • A rabbi who gets to know their congregants, someone who greets you in the hallways and at services. You want someone who is a warm, friendly face and takes the time to get to know who you are.
  • A rabbi who will help us grow (membership) the congregation. 
  • Someone who can interact with younger members and their children as well as older members.
  • A rabbi who delivers a meaningful sermon. Many suggested that the sermons should be on current events and topics that are more relevant to our everyday lives – life lessons. 
  • A rabbi who strongly supports Israel and Zionism. 
  • A rabbi who will provide Torah study to the congregation through classes (not necessarily through weekly sermons). 
  • Someone who is energetic, knowledgeable but also adaptable. 
  • A rabbi who has a nice voice and who will introduce new melodies and energy into our services.
  • Someone who will motivate the congregation to participate in all aspects of synagogue life. 
  • A rabbi who will lead us, but not be overbearing or demanding. 
  • Someone who will be accepting of members no matter how much or how little they practice their Jewishness. 
  • Someone who recognizes that there are many different kinds of Jews in our congregation. 
  • Someone who will be welcoming to interfaith families. 
  • Our new rabbi should be someone who will communicate to members often through personal calls, letters and social media. 
  • Someone who will be welcoming to our LBGTQ+ members. 
  • The new rabbi to embrace egalitarianism. 
  • A rabbi with a good sense of humor who willing to bring that humor to our services. 
  • Upbeat services and more involvement of our children in those services. 
  • To see larger attendance in synagogue, and feel that a rabbi could inspire you to want to attend.
  • The pulpit to be non-political, but definitely want a rabbi who will discuss critical topics like antisemitism, racism, and pertinent current events. 
  • The synagogue to be a place where bipartisan politics are not at the forefront of discussions but rather a place where people on all sides of the political spectrum can feel respected and comfortable. Synagogue should be an escape from the partisanship of the area. 
  • A scholar who is able to teach and not just lecture. 
  • Someone who is a mensch. 
  • Someone who can understand the complexities of living a Jewish life in Northern Virginia.
  • To see the addition of more music (or musicality) in our services. You want a rabbi who will support this. 
  • A rabbi who will represent CBE locally and regionally in a positive way. 
  • A rabbi who will continue services on Livestream and Zoom.
  • A rabbi who is caring and empathetic; someone to help congregants through difficult times.
  • A rabbi who is traditional, but forward thinking.   
  • Someone who will encourage, teach and inspire young adults (and teens) to become regular service leaders.
  • Someone who makes you want to come to the synagogue for services, programs, and educational opportunities.

As you can see, we have our work cut out for us. But thanks to you, we have a good idea of what is most important to our congregants. No one of us will get everything we hope for in a Rabbi, but we will definitely concentrate on the attributes and characteristics you indicated are most important to you.

At any time that you would like to communicate, you may contact us at Visit the CBE website for updates on the charts and information you see here. We will also be posting the outcomes of the Town Halls and Focus Groups in early May. 

You have a great team working on this search: Fran Besalel, Sean Forman, Linda Harber, David Kamerling, Denise Moldover, Yael Creditor Pollicoff, Steve Pregozen, Bob Sandler, and Michelle Tinkoff, thank you for your time and dedication to help find a new rabbi for CBE. Each team member adds dimension and expertise to the group. 

Robyn Feuerberg
Chair, Rabbi Search Committee

Survey & Town Halls

03/25/2021 10:44:58 AM


Rabbi Search Committee Survey and Town Hall Forums for the Entire CBE Community

We want to hear your opinions about who we are and who we want to be as a congregation in 2021 headed forward. Whether you are actively involved with the congregation or just come to services a few times a year, it is important that you let us know how you feel. Everyone’s opinions are valued.

If you’ve already responded to the Rabbi Search Survey, thank you! The survey is open until Friday, April 2 so that we can analyze the results and use them to inform the upcoming Town Halls. If you’re interested in participating in a Town Hall, please go to to register for a date and time that best suits you, or contact Robyn at

  • Sunday, April 11 at 3 PM and 7 PM
  • Thursday, April 22 at 7:30 PM
  • Tuesday, April 27 at 7:30 PM

Participation will provide the Search Committee with a thorough understanding of our congregation’s needs in all areas.

Thank you in advance for your interest and your time. The information we gather from the survey and Town Halls will assist us to better fill out CBE’s application to the Rabbinical Assembly for a permanent rabbi.

Robyn Feuerberg
Chair, Rabbi Search Committee

Sat, October 23 2021 17 Cheshvan 5782