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Thanksgiving Food Drive

Todah Rabah! Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who donated food and/or gift cards to the Thanksgiving Food Drive. In addition to 37 complete meals and 96 gift cards to cover perishables, we received all the ingredients to assemble 20 more meals -- a special thank you to the volunteers assembled them and delivered them to a central location in Reston for distribution to needy families before Thanksgiving!

Stay tuned for dates and a signup for the 2020 Cornerstones Community Thanksgiving Food Drive!

Thanksgiving Food Drive photo 1-piles in the lobby  Thanksgiving food drive photo 2-sorting the separate items  Thanksgiving Food Drive 3 - Boxing the separate items  Thanksgiving Food Drive 4- All the boxes in the lobby  Thanksgiving Food Drive 5- loading the boxes for delivery

Fri, August 14 2020 24 Av 5780