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6 Word Prayers

Dear Friends, 

During the High Holidays when we hear the sound of the shofar, we are awakened to the still small voice which hopefully inspires each of us to find a meaningful way to make a difference in our world.

The following prayers, written by members of Beth Emeth, provide hope and inspiration for the New Year. (You can still add your 6 word prayer by September 17 -- the day after Yom Kippur).

May all of us go from strength to strength during the coming year as we continue to build and maintain our sacred community.


Rabbi Bruce Aft


The following 6 Word Prayers were submitted by August 27, and were included in a raffle drawing during our Selichot event on August 28, with first prize a shofar and a reserved parking spot for the High Holidays, and second prize of a parking spot. Winners are Diane N. and Robin C. During the presentation, Rabbi Aft acknowledged all the prayers and their inspiring hopes for the new year, and announced that a generous donor has made it possible to award a shofar to all the participants at that time!  


Maintain hopefulness 
When iniquity triumphs

Stay active and keep the faith!!
We Are Together Again Once More
Jewish families will continually grow forever.
Family generations share love and lives.
Jewish children beget more Jewish children.
Gathering safely together in person again
Help us live together in peace.
May we all conquer our mountains.
Beth Emeth: May truth guide us.
Moving forward united with hope, gratitude.
Beth Emeth: Truth is our name.
Grateful, hopeful, looking toward the future.
May kindness and reason go viral.
Fervently supplicating for health for all
Thriving with an inspiring interim rabbi.
Have a seat at the shul
Joy is praying together in shul
Growing in spirit and community again
Patiently understanding another's perspective without judgment
Feeling safe in synagogue from violence
Strength to grow from every challenge
Be oneself with pride and confidence
Courage to flow with life's waves
Keep my thoughts in my head
Share yourself with those you love
Pray together - together now - CBE strong
Better days are yet to come!
For happy healthy gathering with friends.
Return to Beth Emeth with hopefulness.
May we have healthy, happy lives.
Count your blessings and be thankful.
From solitude springs community; hope eternal.
May we all live in peace.
Get vaccinated and keep everyone safe
Back together and in good health

Additional Prayers Submitted after Selichot

Return to health and sanity soon
A year of health, growth and positivity
May "dalet" and "delta" never intermingle
Growth and Health, Compassion and Connection

Submit Prayer

From Executive Director David Markovich:

What is YOUR 6-Word Prayer for the New Year?

Our theme for High Holidays 5782 is “A Season of Renewal.” As the COVID-19 situation (hopefully) continues to get better, we can look ahead to re-connecting more deeply with our synagogue. It has undoubtedly been a year (and then some) like no other, but in the midst of it all, CBE has proven to be a resilient community.

Now, as we gear up for the High Holidays, I ask you to join me in an exercise. I would like for you, in the best way you can, to devise a 6-word prayer that encapsulates your hopes, dreams, and ambitions for the coming year. The prayer can be a personal one, or it can be about your aspirations for CBE in the year 5782. Before the High Holidays, we will have a reflection board in the CBE lobby featuring all of our 6-word prayers.

I will start us off with my own: We Are Together Again Once More.

I am looking forward to reading yours!

Send Us Your Prayer


Thu, September 16 2021 10 Tishrei 5782